Guide to Arrival and Registration at Anhui Medical University


    Greetings from School of International Education of Anhui Medical University and welcome to Hefei! This guide is mainly for the international students who come to Hefei for the first time.We will provide as much information as necessary when you arrive in Hefei and help you adapt to the local way of life.


    Address of Anhui Medical University:School of International Education,Anhui Medical University,No.81 Meishan Road, Hefei

    Tel 0551—65116170 (admissions)  65165070 (management)

    If you arrive at AHMU after 17:30 or on weekends, you won’t make the registration on that day. Regarding the accommodation, you can live in nearest hotel opposite to Anhui Medical University. Information of the hotel to be shown to the taxi driver: 宝岛7+1商务酒店,南一环路和梅山路交叉口,安徽医科大学正对面

    Departure Time of the shuttle bus at Hefei Xinqiao International Airport: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm, every 40 minutes at the price of 25 yuan (RMB). 

Take a taxi at the airport exit. You may have the address 梅山路81号安徽医科大学 printed in Chinese and  show   to the taxi driver. It takes about 40 minutes and about 80 yuan (RMB) from the airport to the university.

    II.Registration of the New Students

    1.Registration Time:

Please come here with X visa for registration during the workday within the fixed time.If you can't come for any special reasons,you must ask for extension of time from the universitywithin two weeks.Otherwise you will be regarded as giving up the matriculation according to the regulations of the university.

    2.Registration Site

International Students Affairs Office of School of International Education, Anhui Medical University.

Tel 65165070

    3.Registration Items

    When you come for registration,please bring your passport,passport photocopy(A4 Paper) , JW 202 form,Admission Notice and 4 latest one –inch bareheaded color photos.

    4.Payment of Fees

    Please read the expense lists  (fee structure)carefully before you come.The international students are requested to pay all the fees (in cash or card) to the Financial Office(north of new school library)within 5 days after you enter China, because the international students will perform some necessary procedures,such as physical examination, extension of the visa(resident permit),etc.At the north gate of the university,you can find Bank of China where you can make a deposit,withdraw cash,exchange money,apply for bank cards etc.We remind you of not letting out your pin number of your cards to others and keep it in your mind clearly.

Suggestion:When you come to China,bring a credit card and a small amount of cash.

Students are advised to pay the tuition directly through the bank account to Anhui Medical University.


    In order to make the freshmen adapt to the new environment and for safety’s sake,you must reside in the International Students’ Building Dormitory for the first academic year.After one year,you can freely make your choices of either staying on-campus or off-campus.

  The International Student Building is a modern apartment building with 18 floors,equipped with full supporting facilities in the room,such as color—TV set,refrigerator,air conditioner,cable television, broadband internet etc.The apartment has only double rooms , each of which has a washing room, a bathroom and cabinets.We also provide public kitchens and laundry rooms.

    1.Accommodation and Fees

       Double room ¥4000(RMB)/per year/per person

    2.Points for Attention


    a. When you check in,please show  passport,passport photocopy and the lodging receipt from the Financial Office.You need to pay 10(RMB) deposit to the reception desk to get the room key.No students are allowed to change rooms on their own.In one year,when you check-out to live outside the campus, we will return the deposit to you if no damage is found to the room and its facilities.

    b.Before you live in the International Student Building,you need to sign a lodging agreement with the Student Apartment Management Center.

    c.The students building provides all necessary furniture including bedding, such as bed sheets,quilts,cushions and pillows.It is necessary to prepare other personal articles of daily use by yourself,such as toothpaste,toothbrush,towels,scissors,notebooks. You can buy them at the small shops on campus.

    d.After your entry of the apartment,you need to take care of your private belongings.Don’t put large amount of cash in the room.You can deposit in Bank of China near the university.When you carry large items out of the apartment,please register with the reception desk at your building.

    e.Please strictly obey the management regulations of the apartment.

    Ⅳ.Food and Drinks

    It’s convenient to dine on campus.You can easily find Chinese food restaurants,Muslim  Restaurants etc. Gradually you will get familiar with the environment in this cosmopolitan city-Hefei.You’ll enjoy visiting and dining in different flavors of restaurants in Hefei.

    V.Urban Public Transportation

    The public transportation system consists of buses,taxes and subway (under construction),most of the international students living out of the campus choose bicycles as means of transportation.

    In China the traffic is on the right side of the road.A valid driving license is required for driving cars and motorcycles in China.Driving Licenses issued by foreign countries can't be used here.

    Ⅵ.Medical Insurance

    We have bought medical insurance for all the registered international students.If you are hospitalized due to serious diseases or accidents,your teacher in charge will help you claim expense under insurance policy.But the medical insurance doesn't cover outpatient treatment fees.

    VII.Passport,Visa and Residence Permit

    Foreigners who lodge in China must have a valid passport,visa or residence permit.When you come to China to study,you must apply for an X visa.Foreigners holding X visa,must get residence permits within 30 days of entry from Hefei Exit-Entry Department of the Public Security Bureau.Otherwise it is illegal to stay in China.Before your passport,visa/residence permit expires,you must extend them,or it is against the law to live in China.Any violation of the law will lead to punishment,varying from a fine,detention for investigation to repatriation.Therefore you must keep an eye on your passport and residence permit to avoid being overdue.

    The department that conducts administration of foreigners is Exit-Entry Department of the Public Security Bureau.Your teacher in charge will help the newcomers to perform all the necessary procedures for the first time.In the following years the students need to go there and extend their visa/residence permit each year by themselves.Remember to go to your teacher first to make an appointment with the Exit——Entry Department at least two weeks before your visa/residence permit expires.


    a.Take good care of your passport for it is the most important certificate of your status.

    b.Consult your teacher if you have any problems about your passport or visa.

    c.Photocopy some important information and take good care of them.

    Important Notice

    Please Remember the Following Address and Phone Numbers:

    Correspondence Address:

    School of International Education

    Anhui Medical University

    N0.81 Meishan Road, Hefei 

    The People’s Republic of China

    Post code 230032

    International Students Affairs Office:

    International Students Affairs Office conducts administration and provides services to the international students of Anhui Medical University,including consultation,administration of records, visa and residence permit,etc.International Students Affairs Office takes responsibility of the administration of the international students and extra-curricular activities and emergent issues as well.

    International Students Affairs Office of School of International Education Tel: 0551-65165070    

    Science and Education Office of School of International Education Fax: 0551 -65161213     

    Student Apartments of School of International Education Tel: 0551 -65161392


    2.Emergency calls:

    University police 65161110

    Ambulance (first—aid): 120

    Emergency (police):    110

    Emergency (fire):      119

    3.Please take good care of your passport,resident permit,credit card,cash,computer and valuables.

    4.Please shut the door and windows when you leave your room.

    5.Please don't talk too much with strangers or bring them to your room.

    6.Please leave quickly when you get entangled with strangers.In ease of emergency,please dial 110 to seek help from police.

    7.Ask the traffic policeman for help when you lose your direction.

    8.Don’t lend your money to unfamiliar people.

    9.When you are in trouble,ask for help from your class advisor or the teachers on duty.